Monday, 17 November 2008


you cant believe what i just did!!!
we had our dinner. and then we had papaya.
"aiya. it's too ripe" dad cried.
"i told you! once you buy it, you have to eat it!" mommie replied as she helped herself to one of the chili-red papaya wedges.

i smiled to myself... hehe..

i figured later, that only mommie and i were eating the papaya. mom had 2 wedges. i had one.
there were about 6 wedges left.

"MOM!I'LL CLEAR THE TABLE TODAY!" I exclaimed immediately once everyone left the table.


hee. i immediately grabbed the first papaya i saw and sqeezed! ahh.. hehe.
i could feel the cool papaya flesh ooze out between my fingers!
i reached for the next, and the next and ...
yeah. it was quite a mess. but i cleared it. god. that was fun.
but now my hands feel like they've been in the snow for a lo-ong time. like frostbite. kinda itchy too.
but it was definitely worth it!
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