Thursday, 31 May 2007

Last day of May

it's the early hours of the last day of may... right now, it's 1.04am. june is coming and i'm afraid cca starts again! ;_; it's not that i don't enjoy my cca, it's just that for the june holidays, we'll be having drills....i don't really know much about them but the seniors told us that it's rather tiring. Full of pumpings, running, reallly wouldn't wanna know how we're supposed to march. all i'm gonna say is" left leg! point toes downwards! right leg! point toes downwards! hands tight by your side! chin up, stand tall! left! right! left! right! left! right!" sheesh>.< ...that was how we were/are supposed to march.

anyway, a few days ago we went to Malaysia! of course, we went straight for gum! yay! ha ha.... we all LOVE gum! yahahahaha! gum is the best! gum is the ultimate!

*I'll post some pictures of me and dear gum later, most probably in June, because right now, I'm kinda sleepy... so goodnight! or should i say good morning!yawn! :o)
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