Monday, 8 January 2007


This is my beautiful and adorable dog, Chloe. or you can also call her Cloe or Tofu, because of her snow-white coat of fur!Her name is actually Cleopatra Joystream. She's from Melbourne, Australia.She cannot do without having a share of whatever i eat....of course, i won't be able to resist...she sure is good!
BUT, she soon learnt how to give me the "eyebrow effect" and that made me pity her....and in the end ,give the food to her...argh....
anyway if you think about it, she's a lucky dog...she's got a share of my meals,finger-licking-good treats, an entire room to herself ...well i won't want that anyway...and the occasional privileges to spend a night or two in
my room which i gladly share with my sister,Amelia and brother, Nicholas.
That's one great life...for a dog, i mean!

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